March 26-27

At Plekhanov Russian University of Economics an annual International scientific and practical conference named after Anatoly Kitov "Information technologies and mathematical methods in economy and management" (IT&MM-2020) takes place for the tenth time.

The purpose of conference is full consideration of application of information technologies and mathematical methods in the sphere of economy, management and education questions, and also recent questions of creation and use of advanced methods of automatization of information interaction and data handling systems.

Conference aims to give the chance to the both professional and novice scientists to exchange points of view on the current trends of information society development, information technologies and economic-mathematical methods, to share the development and innovations, to discussrecent issues of informatization and safety, to define scientific trends, to create road maps of further improvement and advancement.

Involvement of young scientists and students, providing them with the platform for public presentations of their researches is a special mission of IT&MM-2020; with this purpose the section "Student's Scientific Initiatives" will work at the conference.

Conference is the final stage of the whole series of various scientific events and competitions the winners of which will be granted by the right of performance at the conference with the report and a possibility of the research results publication.

Within work of conference it is planned

  • discussion of the achievements in the field of information technologies and mathematical modeling;
  • the search of ways of scientific knowledge and practice integration;
  • definition of the actual and perspective directions of scientific researches and practical developments;
  • young members of staff and students involvement to scientific creativity.

 On the results of the conference publication of participants reports in one of 3 collections is planned

From the list of Higher Certification

Commission of Russian Federation   

With an index in the Russian Science

Citation Index

  Student researches

 For participation in conference you need to register before 18th of March 2019


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