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Requirements HCC

All the participants should register online march 20, 2023

As the outcome of the conference the publication of papers presented at the conference is scheduled. We have two options:

1) Free publication in online journal.

2) Publication in one of the scientific journals included in the list of VAK (350 rubles per page, max 5 pages).

Papers submitted for the publication should meet the following requirements:

- The theme of the paper should be appropriate to the scope of the conference;

- The authors are responsible for the accuracy of facts, quotations, statistical and sociological data, names and initials, and other information used in the paper;

- Papers should be submitted in electronic form (on CD-ROM or via e-mail in the format *. Doc) and typescript, printed on one side of an A4 sheet, signed by the author .

- Volume of the paper must be within 5 - 6 pages;

- Margins: left - 2.5, top and bottom – 2, right - 1.2;

- Font - Times New Roman, size 14;

- Line Spacing - 1.5;

- Paragraph indent - 1.2;

- Alignment - Justified;

- Option - hyphenation;

- Abstract is a mandatory element (it should not exceed 15 lines);

- Keywords - Font - Times New Roman, size 14; Line Spacing - 1,5; Alignment – by width;

- Abstract and keywords are presented in Russian and English;

- Tables, charts, graphs, drawings, and illustrations must be numbered and captioned;

- Basic tables, charts, graphs are also provided in a separate file in the format of the program in which they were created;

- Original drawings and illustrations are also provided in a separate file with a maximum image quality (preferred formats *. Psd, *. Tiff, *. Jpg);

- A numbered list of references is given in alphabetical order at the end of the paper.


The following information should be given in Russian and English as well:

- First name, last name and middle name;

- The full name of the organization where the author works, country, city, area;

- Position, organizational unit;

- Scientific degree and academic rank (if any);

- Phone number;

- E-mail address;

- Postal address with index for correspondence.

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