All the participants should register online before March 20, 2014.

As the outcome of the conference the publication of papers presented at the conference is scheduled. We have two options:

1) Free publication in online journal.

2) Publication in one of the scientific journals included in the list of VAK (350 rubles per page, max 5 pages).

Papers submitted for the publication should meet the following requirements:

- The theme of the paper should be appropriate to the scope of the conference;

- The authors are responsible for the accuracy of facts, quotations, statistical and sociological data, names and initials, and other information used in the paper;

- Papers should be submitted in electronic form (on CD-ROM or via e-mail in the format *. Doc) and typescript, printed on one side of an A4 sheet, signed by the author .

- Volume of the paper must be within 5 - 6 pages;

- Margins: left - 2.5, top and bottom – 2, right - 1.2;

- Font - Times New Roman, size 14;

- Line Spacing - 1.5;

- Paragraph indent - 1.2;

- Alignment - Justified;

- Option - hyphenation;

- Abstract is a mandatory element (it should not exceed 15 lines);

- Keywords - Font - Times New Roman, size 14; Line Spacing - 1,5; Alignment – by width;

- Abstract and keywords are presented in Russian and English;

- Tables, charts, graphs, drawings, and illustrations must be numbered and captioned;

- Basic tables, charts, graphs are also provided in a separate file in the format of the program in which they were created;

- Original drawings and illustrations are also provided in a separate file with a maximum image quality (preferred formats *. Psd, *. Tiff, *. Jpg);

- A numbered list of references is given in alphabetical order at the end of the paper.


The following information should be given in Russian and English as well:

- First name, last name and middle name;

- The full name of the organization where the author works, country, city, area;

- Position, organizational unit;

- Scientific degree and academic rank (if any);

- Phone number;

- E-mail address;

- Postal address with index for correspondence.

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