Section 2. Intellectual and analytical methods, models and technologies in economic and social systems management. Information systems in economy and management


At section 2 modern intellectual and analytical methods, models and technologies are considered, including

  • information business analytics and prediction in different economy fields and management, intellectual information systems, systems of efficiency of business management (Corporate Performance Management);
  • methods, models and technologies of socio-economic indexes of economy of Russia prediction;
  • information and intellectual resources management of the organization on the basis of knowledge management systems;
  • electronic business systems, including smart systems in marketing and commerce;
  • decision making in economy support systems created on the basis of cognitive methods, models and technologies of artificial intelligence and mild calculation.

Chairman of the section

Kitova Olga

Doctor of economical sciences, professor, Head of the Department of Informatics at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

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Date of publication 31 January 2013
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