Section 2. Digital Economy Concepts and Technologies / List of sections / IT&MM

Section 2. Digital Economy Concepts and Technologies

Section 2. Digital Economy Concepts and Technologies


Kitova Olga

Doctor of Sci. in Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Informatics of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

At section 2 we’ll consider modern intellectual and analytical methods, models and technologies, such as:

  • information business Analytics and forecasting in various fields of Economics and management, intelligent information systems, Corporate Performance Management
  • methods, models and technologies for forecasting socio-economic indicators of the Russian economy;
  • management of information and intellectual resources of the organization based on knowledge management systems;
  • e-business systems, including smart systems in marketing and Commerce;
  • decision support systems in the economy based on cognitive methods, models and technologies of artificial intelligence and soft computing.

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