Section 4. History of IT Creation and Using in Management and Economy / List of sections / IT&MM

Section 4. History of IT Creation and Using in Management and Economy

Section 4. History of information technologies creation and their use in tasks of management and economy


Kitov Vladimir

Ph.D. in Technics, Associate Professor of the Department of Informatics of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

The organization of section 4 meetings is carried out in tight cooperation with School of National history sciences (the principal: historian, Professor Munchayev Sh., member of Program conference committee), and also with Council of the Virtual Computer Museum (VCM) under the leadership of its director Proydakov E. At the section it is supposed, on the basis of the archive and published documents, science and research work (SRW) reports, scientific articles and monographs, design documentation, materials from the museums, etc. to make attempt to recreate some pages of history of domestic electronic computers, programming, operating systems, algorithmic languages, systems of the organization and ways of data handling and application of program and technical complexes of defensive and civil assignment development. It is supposed to organize in class, in which section 4 meetings will take place, gallery of portraits of the national scientists who made the most essential contribution in formation and development of the listed above scientific and technical directions. It is supposed to enlighten the work of the first domestic research teams and the organizations participating in computer and complexes of programs development and deployment. Special attention will be paid to questions of creation and use of the economic information search systems (ISS) and automated management systems (AMS) history in different level and assignments. Now works in this direction of national history of science and technique have single, fragmentary character, and historical works of the generalizing plan are absent. Organizers hope that work of section 4 will help receiving new scientific results in the field of domestic informatics and ADP equipment history.

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